About Us

The Cypress Group is a strategic advisory and advocacy firm that counsels clients on public policy risk and opportunity, designs strategic plans around those risks and opportunities, and assists in executing on those plans.  The firm draws from a diverse background in government, business and law to formulate its views of how legislative and regulatory changes affect various industry stakeholders in financial services, capital markets, budget, tax, and energy.  The firm supports corporate managers, institutional investors, and trade association managers with actionable insights into public policy issues through its corporate strategy, policy research, and advocacy services.

Why Cypress?

The Cypress Group develops and executes on public policy and government relations solutions through the lens of the corporate and financial objectives of an individual client. Many firms offering services in the public policy space engage simply in the tactical sphere, without truly understanding these objectives.

Likewise, we believe that corporate strategy consulting firms have too narrow a focus because they fall short of examining public policy and its associated risk.  Where they do attempt to focus on public policy, they often lack the experience to evaluate and advise on the issues effectively.

Companies and investors demand a more complete and integrated strategic planning process.  Cypress is the missing link for many corporate and investment managers.

We specialize in advising companies and investors of the political, legislative, and regulatory risks and opportunities affecting their corporate and investment strategies. We combine market understanding, intellectual rigor, and legislative and regulatory expertise to deliver solutions for our clients. We integrate our clients’ corporate strategies and their attendant political risks and opportunities to develop a comprehensive plan for maximizing profits.

We view political risk as the probability that changing laws or regulations will create loss or change for a client. Our partners assign probabilities to possible political outcomes and model the resultant scenarios for our clients. Cypress seeks to anticipate, measure, and manage these changes for our clients.

Helping clients anticipate policy risk and capitalize on opportunity.