Corporate Client

Cypress developed detailed lobbying, grassroots, and PAC strategies to help a large financial services company fight a harmful rulemaking. The Cypress team engaged in direct lobbying of White House officials to educate them on the bottom-line impact of the rule, and worked directly with Congressional coalitions to build a bipartisan groundswell in support of our client’s position that resulted in the proposed rule being withdrawn. Cypress continues to lead advocacy efforts for the company and build grassroots efforts to prevent a potential re-proposal of the rule.

Coalition Client

Cypress successfully led a coalition to persuade the Senate to approve the first major legislative changes to Dodd-Frank. The coalition consists of federally-regulated insurance companies subject to bank-centric capital standards under the Collins amendment of Dodd-Frank, and the bill provides the Federal Reserve flexibility to tailor those standards. Cypress managed the coalition strategy, leveraged our deep policy expertise, and capitalized on our relationships on the Hill and within the Fed and other members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). Through Cypress’s leadership and what the Wall Street Journal called “relentless, coordinated lobbying,” the coalition won broad bipartisan support.